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at home

November DSC_1419_854x480
dogs exploring a new landslide over the stream
November DSC_1421
small land crab
November IMAG4473
Cinnamon spice bread
November DSC_1464
Orchid tree 羊蹄甲 (yáng tí jiǎ) "sheep's hoof" Bauhinia variegata flower
November DSC_1468
let's go up
November DSC_1489
solar powered fungus
November DSC_1491
Papaya 木瓜 (mù guā "wood melon") Papaya Carica
November DSC_1493
fruiting coffee 咖啡結果

Fuba trail 巴福越嶺古道

November DSC00001
neglected suspension bridge in Fushan
November 46817736_1494233390721026_2460205808869179392_o
Philip and Leigh
November 46503366_1494233454054353_5905641527341744128_o
November 46521710_1494233414054357_7247731817074130944_o
Tree ferns (Asplenium spp.)
November 46712838_1494233564054342_7660073837408550912_o
Hapen Trail
November 46880984_1494233580721007_3873192127324225536_o
Fushan Village
November 46809368_1494233340721031_7285005059392274432_o
Huge bracket fungus on dead tree
November Fushan_walk
Fushan walk

Saturday morning (voting day in Taiwan) 24 November 2018, drive with Philip and Leigh to Wulai's Fushan Village 福山 to hike a little ways into the Fuba trail 巴福越嶺古道 to assess its condition. With a 10% chance of rain in the forecast, we were met with misting, sprinkling, and occasionally pouring. Not ideal conditions to be on a trail with steep slides and slippery ground. Dan turns around earlier than the others and walked back along the road. Saw several Varied Tits (Parus varius/赤腹山雀), Bronzed Drongos (Dicrurus aeneus/小卷尾), and Gray-chinned Minivets (Pericrocotus solaris/灰喉山椒鳥).

at home

November DSC_1518
mouse caught at home
November GOPR3248_854x480
mouse released
Keywords: animal, bridge, dog, flower, food, fruit, hike, map, mushroom, plant, sign, stream, tree, video
Locations: Fushan, 福山, Garden City, 花園新城, Garden City Garden, 新城花園
Dates: 2018:11:01 - 2018:11:26